marco mArconi and his jazz trio

Saturday, 28th OCtober 2017- 8:00pm
at st Mary's church ashwell
tickets: £15, available from, or on the night.     




The Challenge Ahead
In January 2014, the church was surveyed for its quinquennial report which, as it name suggests, is a survey which is carried out every five years to assess the fabric of the church and decide what needs to be done next. Amongst the matters that have already been identified are the following:-

For 2013 [?]-2014

Chancel Interior Renovation

We need to repair the masonry, conserve the stone re-plaster the walls with lime plaster, re-point the chancel floor with lime mortar, window furniture repairs for redecoration with lime wash. Cost £42,500.


Tower Rainwater Drainage

We need to prevent further water damage to the medieval graffiti and to the John Sale graves by redirecting the tower roof drainage from the existing "spitters" down to the nave roof possibly via internal downpipes. [I think this is now no longer an option]. This work is particularly important to preserve our unique graffiti on the north wall of the tower and it is believed will cost between £25,000 - £30,000.


Chancel Exterior Restoration

To the south wall of the chancel we need to restore the remaining five bays in the east gable. We need to remove cementitious render, stonework replacement and repair lime mortar re-pointing stone conservation and shelter coating [what is the latter?]. The approximate cost is estimated to be £120,000.

North Side Aisle and North Porch Restoration


Again, removal of cementitious render, stonework replacement and repair (especially window arches and parapets) re-pointing with lime mortar, new gates and glazing on porch stone conservation and shelter coating. Cost approximately £230,000.


The Tower

As our introduction suggests, this is the chief glory of the church and the greatest likely expense. It will be necessary to remove cementitious render from large parts of the tower, extensive stonework replacement and repair, re-pointing with lime mortar stone conservation and shelter coating. The cost it is thought £750,000. It is our role as Friends to assist the Parish Church Council with funding for these works. The PCC is confident that half of the total required of £1.2 million can be obtained from major grant aid organisations on a one for one basis. Of the remaining £600,000, will have to be provided by the Friends themselves. It is an ambitious target but one we hope can be reached given the fact that we have a decade in which to raise the necessary funds.

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